Wednesday, December 13, 2006

FMT: Grow Up Before We Blow Up

FMT in Bertolucci's 1900. Furman played by De Niro, Depardieu as Sordid Puppy

Bernardo Bertolucci just dropped a couple sick throwback joints, The Conformist (Le Conformiste) and 1900 (Novecento). Eskay and his not-so-small army of drones over at say Jay-Z's Fade To Black is the best cinematic achievement ever, and that Hova totally ethered all the Bertolucci stans when he invented that fake champagne.

There's been a whole lot of blubber going around since Complez magazine said Lil Wayne said that he was better than Jay-Z and doesn't particularly like the Clipse and Pharrell and Tom Breihan said that he's right and Eskay said he's fucking mental, not to mention gay, and Combat Jack said who the fuck are you, Tom Breihan, to say that Pitbull is better than Nas? Dear Tom, don't even get CJ started on those fatuous claims regarding Scritti Politti. P.S., try to come to the hood and pop that Scritti Politti drivel, and WE'LL SEE what's really crackin. Love, the ghetto.

Yes, birds and bees, the man whose Status Ain't Hood just got his ghetto pass resoundingly revoked by just about everyone who sat down to a 'pooter over the past week. It sucks for the Clipse, because in the midst of all this they dropped a fucking good album and all the hardcore gangstas who spend 4 hours a day posting on Nahright, XXL, and OhWord message boards don't seem to want to talk about it so I assume they're not buying it either. Breihan wrote a bit about how it's too bad Hell Hath No Fury didn't sell more copies, but his status ain't hood totally ain't hood so what the fuck does he know. Plus he's 6'11", so he, like, looks down on everyone. Fucking asshole.

In between bouts of extreme anxiety over my fundamentally conflicted existence as a white Puppy who listens to rap who's not from NYC and who is sort of tall (FUCK!), I've been doing some thinking. It seems like the problem with Nahright -- and I'll spare him the cliche accusations of being under Def Jam's thumb - is that if it's not from New York or sounds like it's from New York, he's not interested in it, period. I see no other reason why Uncle Murder gets mentioned more often than ANY Southern or West Coast artist that's not The Game or that isn't getting made fun of -- no, better yet, "ethered" (can we put this term to rest? Please?). The same appears to be true of Combat Jack and all the other message board-ers who proffer no better retort to Weezy's claims than "That's fucking ridiculous" or "He's a fucking fag" or, more specifically, "Only pretentious rich white people believe him. People in the hood think Jay-Z is the greatest thing since sliced bread, etc., etc." What you mean to say, CJ, is that people in the hood in BROOKLYN are bigger fans of Jay than Wayne, and that said hood is more discerning or more important or whatever than any other hood in the world.

There's a whole lot of classically educated hip-hop fans, writers, critics, etc. (rappers) who are getting all defensive about the fact that Jay-Z and Nas are past their prime and NYC hip-hop in general is in a sorry state. I'm as big a D-Block fan as the next white boy who doesn't know shit about shit, and I like Cam'ron and Saigon and Wu-Tang and bunch of other cats, but none of these people put out albums with any regularity. I guess Ghostface is the most consistent act coming out of New York right now, but he never makes much of it. Ghostdini never comes up in the incessant message board discussions of who's the best out, maybe because he's from Staten Island and SI doesn't have the name recognition attached to Brooklyn, Harlem, or the Bronx. I just bought More Fish, and sure, I wish Theodore Unit wasn't all over the thing, but it's a good album and the Ghostface verses are better than anything I've heard off Kingdom Come or Hip Hop Is Dead by a long shot.

Shouldn't the discursive community be able to agree that Kingdom Come was a pretty hollow project and that for Nas to flip the same exact sample for "Hip Hop Is Dead" that he did for "Thief's Theme" is borderline insulting to the fans (no, "stans" - no, fuck you)? I'm not mad at Eskay for being NY-centric; I think he's from Younkers, and so whatever, if he thinks New York is where rap begins and ends, fair play to him. Breihan's been doing his thing for awhile now, and I don't agree with everything he says, but he definitely does a good job of tapping into regional acts and giving them some shine. As far as FMT, maybe it's cause we're young that we don't dig Jay-Z's adult contemporary (word to Furman motherfucking P.) or Nas's senility, and it's for the same reason that Weezy's brash defiance appeals to us. In any case, if you think that Papoose is what rap is all about and Lil Wayne sucks, then you and I will never agree, but then that's the beauty of the community.


Furman P. Slothra said...

two words: a men (this is where I make the no homo wordplay thing which is always hilarious)

Sordid Puppy said...


Sordid Puppy said...

correction: "more fish" is pretty badass. the production is sick. doom should make beatz for more rappuhz. i bet after this album he starts to make big paper.

Furman P. Slothra said...

honestly i'm not big on the white text on black. also, we gotta make this title look distinctive, but i like that kid with the fish. is that actually one of your photos?

Furman P. Slothra said...

btw, scritti polliti is the shit, as is gramsci, the guy they jacked that name from

Sordid Puppy said...

i was trying to post something about gillie da kid, and when i looked up pictures of him on that popped up. i think its hilarious. hopefully when we become millionaires that doesn't come back to haunt us. do whatever you want to the format, dude...some of the non-doom/madlib tracks on more fish are starting to piss me off

Dallas said...

real talk:
The Carter2 is better than Shawn Carter's last album.

more real talk:
Jay-Z fecal worms have more talent than Lil' Weazle

If Hip-Hop were Apocalypto, this would be the script...

Sordid Puppy said...

jay should let his fecal worms write his records, then.

Lamont said...

This is the best defense that you all can mount: that Breihan's critics are reverse racists or nostalgic NY rap gatekeepers?

Yes, Combat Jack clowned Breihan's, "Pitbull is Better than Nas" headline and mentioned his whiteness...and it was hilarious. However, you brave defenders, who protect white rap critics from the angry negro internet rap mob, have consistently focused on these things cause you have no response to the real points:

1a.) Breihan doesn't know his shit. Read every single one of his pieces on rap before 1998--it reads like he researched shit at google a few minutes before. He’s never written anything insightful, well-informed, or interesting about older rap. This isn’t so bad, though the fact that he refuses to acknowledge it is. Plus, he makes superlative “best ever” claims (not just the headline gimmick, he actually seems to believe some of this shit). That’s a no-no when you are ill-informed about the past.

1b.) It's offensive that a national publication with that many readers would hire someone who doesn't know his shit to review rap when they'd never do the same for a hip hop head reviewing (especially indie) rock from the outside.

2.) He fetishizes rap that promotes the negative aspects of black culture.

As far as I’m concerned, 2., while true, is not a big deal. People have made too much of this, given that white people have been doing it forever, and that so many black people do it too; 1.), however, is a huge deal, and I’ve yet to see any of you say anything about it.

For the record: I'm not from NY. I grew up on NY, West Coast, and Southern rap. I loathe NY mixtape rappers and the current NY rap scene. I think that Jay Z and Nas often have serious problems making albums. I can't stand golden age nostalgia and idol worship.

skaybn said...

You guys kill me. First off, I have said before that I enjoy some of Wayne's music. However, the notion that he is now or ever has been better than Jay or Nas is comical. First off, Wayne is overrated lyrically. Just because a bunch of kids who were literally being born when MTV was canceling Raps are impressed with his weak punchlines, over emphasized pronunciation, and corny metaphors does not mean he is the next coming of whoever the fuck you consider ther GOAT (oh wait, is it Wayne?) Enough with this fucking deification of this kid like there aren't 9 or 10 mixtape/battle rappers with better skills then him out right now.

Also, this automatic hatred of anything out of NY is beyond played out. Nobody likes anything from NY anymore? Fine, fucking knock yourselves out with your DJ Drama mixtapes and whatever else is supposed to be cool nowadays.

But guess what? In NY we enjoy Uncle Murder and Papoose and the average person that I interact with could give a fuck about Lil Wayne and would likely punch me in the face if I so much as suggested that they listen to fucking Like Father Like Son. So, yeah I make my little comments on my blog (I know, I know, God forbid two grown, supposed tough guys, be criticized for kissing each other on the mouth, but hey, that's this wild and crazy internet for you) but at the end of the day, I keep most of my opinions and comments to myself. I don't have the time or energy to argue this shit with people on the internet, many of who don't know what the fuck they're talking about to begin with.