Monday, October 09, 2006

Music for Likkle Tykes

He's the Juggernaut, bitch!

First off, Raffi, last name Cavoukian, really is the juggernaut, bitch. That gangster of children's entertainment got more spins (does a cassette tape spin? I guess the little wheely things do) in my youth than Planxty, "Illy-itch", and Peedi Peedi put together. "Everything Grows" was an absolute MONSTER and "Baby Beluga" was one of the flyest subliminal dis tracks ever.

Sordid Puppy grows and grows, and so does his appetite for wax-dispatching titans of Raffi's ilk. You, discerning reader, check Foodmantooth because you respect our steez -- we got taste for days, we blaze and amaze, we eat leek soup, et cetera, et cetera.

Lupe got a B from Slothra. Several posts ago, I was clintin' about how Food & Liquor had become this hyped-up enormity that could never live up to the press it was getting. After copping F & L the day it dropped, I was disappointed to find my fears realized. It's a good album, certainly, but it's not the classic that I had hoped it would be. Lupe had ages to put this thing out, especially since the first version was leaked and he was forced to go back to the drawing board. Back at said drawing board, I imagine Lupe, in all his sober intensity and focus, drafting the "perfect album": one that would flow impeccably from track to track, covering all the bases and leaving nothing unsaid, no "concept track" undone. F & L is painstakingly choreographed from start to finish, and let me tell you, it's effing boring. Instead of hitting the studio and knocking out a bunch of bangers, Lupe's tried to make his debut album his magnum opus, and that's something that's never going to work. Don't get me wrong -- plenty of rappers have dropped stellar debuts (most of them, regrettably, never achieve this level of quality ever again), but they're great because they don't feel forced. I predict that Lupe has one or several great records in his future, but in order to make them he's going to have to let himself make art and forget about being better than Nas or whatever.

Chrome Children is out, and people, you need to recognize. Stones Throw Records + Adult Swim = Sordid Puppy's wet dream, and you should feel the same. Here's streaming audio, and here are the music videos (as of this post, only one had been released online, but it's fucking J Dilla and it's got jellyfish-sorta lookin things and a fish with a mustache and a giant ice cream cone that wrecks shit so wake the fuck up).

Killer Mike is supposed to have an album coming out sometime in the future, and I'm excited about it. I guess if it never actually comes out, I can keep listening to "My Chrome," which must have dropped a couple years ago, and "Get Em Shawty," which is even older, as far as I can remember. Yes, he's been putting out mixtapes, and hey -- maybe King Kong will just do that forever and never actually make any money.

I'll close this by running down some of the iller ish that SP's been into lately:

  • J-Hood & Styles P. - Fuck the Police
  • Lupe Fiasco - Real; Sunshine; He Say She Say; Pressure
  • The Game - Let's Ride
  • Frank n Dank - The Hustle
  • Brother Ali - Original King
  • Raekwon - Roof Top
  • Saigon - Don't Do That
  • Purple City - Grind Slow
  • DJ Khaled feat Freeway & The Clipse - Where You At
  • Obie Trice - Wanna Know
  • Luda - He Man; Shakedown
  • Lloyd Banks - Whip Pussy
  • Nicolay feat Black Spade - I Am the Man
  • Rhymefest - All Girls Cheat
  • Hi-Tek feat Ghostface - Josephine


Furman P. Slothra said...

yo i'm feelin lloyd banks' one night standing or whatever, even though it has nothing to do with lloyd banks. i almost bought his album based on that one song, then i realized that what i really wanted was an album by that guy on the hook. who is that guy?

also, pure essence, on the chrome children, that's the water on the cornflakes right there, even though it's reissue

Sordid Puppy said...

did you buy chrome children? i thought about it, but what i really want is to find the stones throw dvd i lost ages ago...i think that guy's name is keon or something, but it's a 9th wonder beat. HAHA! YOU LOVE 9TH WONDER!!! HE IS YOUR FAVORITEST PRODUCER!

Furman P. Slothra said...

yeah i bought chrome children, its a cd and a dvd! i'd guy that shit if the dvd was all gary wilson live performances.

ps. i have some of the tracks from the texas high school funk reissue album that egon did, that shit is unbelievable, although i worry the director of the band was basically a gymnastics coach who made those kids hate music. but damn that shit is tight, like in the james brown sense, not the urbanddictionary sense.