Friday, January 05, 2007

I killed my dinner with karate

Better than TV on the Radio

Nahright informed me that The Killers turned down Ghostface’s collabo offer. I assume the Tabernacle choir already had the Vegas moustache boys booked for that day. Joe Smith-sweatin motherfuckers. Too bad for them. Ghost just wanted to do it because he’s the Killah and they’re the Killers. For once Ghost is misguided. He should round up Killer Mike and Cam’ron and go knock on Jerry Lee Lewis’ door with a bucket of Percocets and a bottle of Jim Beam. They could play on the front steps of the IRS HQ.

The Idolator “Jackin Pop” poll is up. Basically they’re trying to take over the Voice’s Pazz and Jop poll which was always the standard, but disappointing in its ignorance of the whole spoonerism thing. Spoonerisms are pretty much the most fun thing you can do without a spiked collar asphyxiating you. Anyway, Xgau’s ballot is there (he always ran the Pazz and Jop until he got canned). Amongst Dylan, Sonic Youth, Ghostface and Outkast, lies Crunk Hits vol. 2 at # 4. That’s not a joke. Chuck Eddy, the other music editor the Voice canned last year, is on here too. His ballot is great. He’s got Paris Hilton at #6 and all his Artists of the Year are all websites (youtube, Pandora myspace)…and Walt Disney. That guy is the man. Fuck Village Voice Media or whoever those overseers are.

The OC got cancelled. I don’t care about this, really. Laguna Beach blasted that show out of the water and for good reason. Mischa Barton always reminded me of a meerkat. A highly attractive meerkat, but a meerkat just the same. It was interesting how they had The Walkmen and Death Cab for Fuckface play in the High School’s cafeteria or whatever. The Max only could only manage Casey Kasem, and he was just there to judge a dance contest.

The Arcade Fire sold out 5 shows at the Judson Memorial Chuch in NYC in about .000000004 shakes of a lamb’s tail this morning. Not sure if that church is as big as a the behemoths in Salt Lake City, but obviously this is that serious indie band that people who don’t really like music that much listen to and go online to buy tickets to, while critics were snoring about about 7 blog posts about them. I saw them basically bring the house down just as the hype was gathering steam. They had no roadies at this point and they took about 9 hours to set up all their quirky Xmas decoration-like stage props and then their keyboard broke. It was 300 degrees in the place, but Win Butler, the lead dude, never took off his jacket, which had a skull drawn on it or something. All the kids knew the words to every song, the band played their hair off, and my lungs were eating sweat from the air. It was pretty sweet. Too band Funeral is pretty boring now.


Sordid Puppy said...

i heard hip-hop is dead

Sordid Puppy said...

p.s. fmt will rule the known universe in 2007, starting with this post

Furman P. Slothra said...

yeah i think we should write only about house music. or just ambient house or one of those subgenres.