Tuesday, January 16, 2007

S.P. News/Effery

Tarantino & Rodriguez team up for B-movie splatterfest, to be released later this year. Here's the preview.

It's mid-January, in the year of the Thunderball. Bizarre, botched executions are going down in Iraq, except this time around they're state-sanctioned. Winter finally arrived, but that hasn't done anything for coke rappers, which leads me to believe either that my theory was wrong or that what snow has come is just too little, too late.

Fat Freddy's Drop isn't a coke-rap outfit. They are, however, a reggae or funk or something band from Wellington, New Zealand. Gilles Peterson has been up on them for a while, apparently, which makes me look a little behind the times, but whatever. He's got more people. If FMT had BBC (no, not that BBC) gouda running through it, we'd be showcasing the best of what's next before all yuz other bloggartz wake up in the morning. For now, here's a video for FFD's "Wandering Eye".

Hot on the heels of their god-awful December 2006 "Big Cat" leopard print release, Lids keeps it bizarre, albeit less garish, with their January Fresh Goods Fridays release: MLB Moonman
Ever since this roguish mongrel was just a little pup, SP's been rocking Reebok Classics. I don't hate AF1s or Nike SBs or Dunks or whatever else, but the Classics were always more affordable and comfortable and came in nice enough colorways (though these sometimes took a little bit of tracking down). Reebok's been doing the design-your-own-shoe thing for a while now, but the new RbkCustom shop is truly nice, particularly because of the inclusion of the Ventilator model for manipulation. The unofficial FMT custom soldiers are on order, and the trademark colorway is coming soon, so I recommend you bloggartz get your sneaker game way up.

French non-coke rappers TTC receive FMT commendations for hot French women, expert use of Tyrannosaurus Rex cutout, great t-shirts worn by chubby bald guy, and a banging track.

SP's not positive about this one, as it lies a little bit outside of his, admittedly, narrow field of vision/scent, but there's been a fair bit of buzz surrounding Mika, and I can imagine this being a good song, so here he is on FMT certified U.K. media icon Jools Holland's late night television show. I reverently defer to Furman on this one -- thoughts?

Read FMT every day, eat lots of food, drink good inexpensive wine, and try, for once, to be nice to one another.


Furman P. Slothra said...

french guys - like it, fat guy is has cool t shirts

mika - never heard of this guy, but i can't really handle stuff that's just solo piano or guitar unless i'm in a particularly focused sober mood. not in that now, and although the tux shirt sans jacket and the suspenders is a good look, not sure about the wild falsetto preening shit, although hafta remember the brits kinda do that shit naturally.

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