Saturday, July 15, 2006


I think the "look what random shit I found on Google image search" joke has already outstayed its welcome, but man, this really makes me want to learn about the "Legend of BBQ". Also, I wonder what this so-called legend has to do with Jeff Goldblum if he was 6 inches shorter and had seen more than 4 Megadeth shows

List of really bad things that are better than the mtv show "Yo Mamma":

1. The huge pile of dino-poop in Jurassic Park
2. Jeff Goldblum
3. A rapper's name if his name was "Jeff Goldblum"*
4. A rapper's name if it was not "Dan Akroyd"
5. Entourage minus Drama and Ari and the teasing, vicarious thrill that comes with imagining one's real life coming within 89.3 light years of Vince's
6. The non-charm of clammy hands
7. The fact that having clammy hands because of a girl's quasi-attractiveness is more than 89.3 light years away from Vince's life.
8. Bono
9. Bono tricking the entire world into thinking that he knows what its like to have a distended belly as a result of hunger.
10. Cam'ron as a moralist.

*Upon completion of this list, I have decided that "Jeff Goldblum" would actually be the best name a rapper could have EVER.

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