Saturday, July 08, 2006

Plagiarism>Sandra Day O'Conner>Cocaine

This, my friends, is what happens when you become a psuedo celebrity and as a result you get a lot of free lunchables in the mail. Watch out Jared!

Two tracks from funk outfit, the El Michaels Affair. They're doin the same thing the Beasties did on Check Your Head; that is, trying to recreate sampling/production wizardry with live instruments. But instead of merely emulating the Dust Brothers and Matt Dike, the El Michaels affair is straight covering two Tu-Tang songs.


Glaciers of Ice

These turn out pretty well, although I wish they'd given a go at the minute long opening of Glaciers of Ice where Raekwon is fucking fired-up about the his idea for a new color scheme for some Clarks. Clarks really should sponsor the Wu if they don't already.

I've heard about some new Thompson Water Seal treatments of rap songs by bands that play instruments and sing and stuff.

Baby Got Back (Sir-Mix-a-lot) - Radiohead.
Sir-Mix-Verywell was after all an early champeen of the limey fucks, even helped em book Arsenio. Although I think he told the fist-pump progenitor that it was Kato Kaelin and Guest Houses, a sweet new rock band.

Fuck the Police (NWA)- The Police.
The bee-man really has a handle on puns. fuck that's great.

Fight the Power (PE) - Ted Nugent.
The Nuge and Chuck D need to be the new Crossfire duo.

Triumph (Wu-Tang) – The Supreme Court (the actual members of the Supreme Court, not a band called ‘the Supreme Court’)
I hear Scalia is fire on Inspectah Deck’s verse.

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