Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Killfuck Soulshitter

KILLFUCK SOULSHITTER is a nickname for any crazily overpowered magical attack in an RPG, either online or off. It dosen't have to be the game's most powerfull spell- just sufficiently powerful enough to ensure its target is totally screwed and without even a remote chance of survival. KILLFUCK SOULSHITTER usually involves fireballs or explosions, or both. I'm fairly sure I heard this used somewhere before, but I don't remember where.

A: Yo man, check out this spell.
B: Yeah, what's it called?

*nearby town incinerates*

That's from UrbanDictionary.com. Blogger won't let me cut and paste the link. I don't know why.

My goddamn iPod just killfuck soulshitted all my music. I can't re-up because my computer is in New York. Now I have to live with the random-ass mp3s I get off of rap blogs. Like Gillie da Kid's (photo above) "Stuntin Like Ya Daddy." Gillie Da Kid says Lil Wayne stole his flow or something. I say Gillie Da Kid sucks at rapping. Steve Jobs is gonna catch a bad one.

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