Sunday, September 24, 2006

S.P. News

Respect your son's real father. This movie kicks ass.

Jet Li says Fearless is his last Wushu movie. I guess now he's going to make regular action movies, and I'm not feeling too great about that. Jet Li is awesome.

El-P is dropping a new album soon, apparently. He posted an instrumental track from it on his myspace page, and it's niiiiice. He's also got a blog going, on which he posts about his mustache, smoking cigarettes, etc.

"My new name is Paisley Fontaine." Some douche from UCLA interviews Ghostface. Wu-Tang roll with a real Shaolin monk. That is SWEET. I think this is from the same show when Steve O whipped his phallus out on stage and said he was the new ODB, all while Wu-Tang was doing a tribute to Osirus. I think Raekwon had to be restrained from strangling him.

Forest Whitaker, y'all.

Foodmantooth ain't no political blog, yo, but witness the fitness of ya boy BC. Chris Wallace is a clown.


Furman P. Slothra said...

fox news got youtube to take down that clip, but i read the transcript....and damn willy can hold his shit down, say what you want, the man is a rhetorical force

Sordid Puppy said...

that's what i'm saying!!! NOBODY is fucking with him. i love it.