Sunday, August 06, 2006


"I do yoga before ballin with VCs. This position is called 'pet rock'"

Most of the time, shit is free for a reason. When I see the word "free" atop some little goodie or curio, I immediately think said product is made of boiled-down chipmunk toenails or something. Free music, when not in the computer/parrot-and-eyepatch variety usually comes in the form of samplers from eskimo down-tempo cowpunk labels, which usually don't have guest appearances by Akon.

Well, here's a way to get 25 free songs which probably don't have Akon on them either, but some of them are good. I found out about this from Riffmarket. It's a facebook thing, and since the Zuckerburg kid has all kinds of capitalists on his dick in various positions, it's not suprising Apple's here for the gangbang too. All you have to do it join the "Apple Students" group and you get a code to download the songs. Every week until the end of the summer they switch up the genre. The playlists been surprisingly not poopable so far. Now the taxonomy is "electronic" and the first song by the Junior Boys is pretty borderline feces-hot. Those guys aren't European, so you don't hafta worry about gay robots trying to molest you when you listen to that one. Problem is, your impeccably medium-ironic group list will be slighted, and if you lick your Dellpod all the time because you hate Steve "billion dollar budget" Jobs, then you risk defection. But shit's free comrade. Bread line'll never be shorter.

In other news, Xtina Aguilara namechecks Etta James to impress DJ Premier and then rhymes Coltrane with "soul train." Herbie Hancock, her best friend, looks on, wondering if "ain't no other man" is a conscious double-negative and what she thinks about "Ascension" and its unbridled formlessness.

Download - Christina Aguilara - "Back in the Day" Rating: Zachary Taylor

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