Friday, August 04, 2006


Yes I own these fuckers. Had to do it. I don't wear things like wear purple-camo on black hi-tops. Just like I don't request a reverse mohawk when I go down to Supercuts for my weekly rap with the rotating employees. When it comes to my wardrobe, I'm muted. Fucking quelled. But when I first saw these things, I knew that one day I would don them, hopefully in a Cam'ron DVD. When they first came out, they were over $100, but luckily, nobody in the world bought them, and this summer, they're givin em away ($27). I've already had a complete stranger tell me they were "the ungliest thing I've every seen" while I was pumping gas, and at that point I decided that they would be for special occasions, like participation in a basketball-playing strike force in Oompa Loompa land.

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Sordid Puppy said...

dogs them shits is cecil rhodes status