Wednesday, August 02, 2006


"Intestinal bleeding's got nothin on me"

Let's run down the docket quickly, before Castro dies.

1.I just ate a cookie that was called "Chocolate Walnut Rendezvous." On the back of the box are displayed other varieties, including "Mint Chocolate Serenade" and "Coffee Chocolate Tango."

2. When I woke up I had not heard of a band called "Holy Shit" or a band called "Holy Fuck." When I go to bed I will have heard of both, which is to say I came upon both of these bands today. I read about them independently, in unrelated contexts: one in print, one on my computer screen. Holy Shit is a side project of Ariel Pink, who strangely, is a mantooth, not a woomantooth.

Download - Holy Shit - "Ashes to Ashes"

This sounds like one of those singer dudes with a guitar fell into an abyss filled with computers. I am tired. Rating: Jimmy "Hotpants" Carter

Download - Holy Fuck - "Tonebank Computer"

Holy Fuck is one of those bands that fiddles with knobs on stuff made of circuits and tries to get people to break stuff at their concerts. Either break stuff or drink chai, there is no between. Rating: Chester "Albatross" Arthur

Neither of these bands can play on the Ed Sullivan show or identify themselves on on the radio.

3. When it's very hot outside, a good tip for cooling off is to shave your head like Yul Brynner. Steve Malkmus wrote a song about big Yul. And then he played it into some microphones and slapped it on his first solo album.

Download - Stephen Malkmus - "JoJo's Jacket"

This song is in my top seven musical tributes to Yul Brynner. Bone thugs have one that's pretty good too. Naturally, Malkmus called this one "JoJo's Jacket." Rating: John "more of a kayak man" Tyler

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